My neighbor,Mrs. Burfurger,thinks I'm the devil.
I tell her,"Yes,I am the devil,and I live next door to you.
So you wanna keep the noise down over there? And how about
loaning me a couple bucks for some beer? And would you mind...
...no,make that,I COMMAND YOU to drive up and buy me some beer!!!"
I wouldn't want to blow her fantasy.
She wants me.
Me? I'm A. Ghastlee Ghoul,Renaissance Maniac.
Art,music,stand-comedy,late-nite cable t.v. and a jail-cell
in Jelico Tennessee....I've left an unseemly stain on all of them.
Now,hopefully we can spill a little fun-goo on you via the 'net.
So stick with us,we're just getting started here,tell a friend and
stop by again.Thanks for visiting.
'Til next time,this is your 'ol pal A.Ghastlee Ghoul saying:
"If life gives you lemons,grab some salt and drink Tequila."
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